Are rides in operation when it rains?
Rides are not operational during rain and lightning. Tickets will be revalidated in the event of rain resulting in rides stand-down.

Can I bring outside food into the park?
No outside food is allowed. Burger King and Orange Julius operates within the Park.

What is Escape Theme Park's operating hours?
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Where is it located at?
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Who can I call for more information?
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Parental Supervision
Advisable for children below 3 years old

Medical Conditions
Guests with motion sickness, fear of enclosed areas, heart, neck or back disorders, dizziness, seizures or those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and expectant mothers are not allowed to take certain rides.

For better enjoyment of our guests, we are moving towards a non-smoking park by 1st Sept 2005.
Thank you for your kind understanding & cooperation.